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Smart City Technology helps local leaders make cities more economical, safer, & liveable because it gives access to data that was once a mystery.

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Digital Citizen Services and Governments

Why are Digital Citizen Services Important? In today's world, being able to go online has become a necessity for a lot of companies and even for governments choosing to do a majority of their business over the internet. Most of us rely on digital services to pay our bills, do our banking and to even [...]

Internet of things (IOT) – Technology is now talking back.

Internet of Things - What does it mean? Everything Connected Think back to only 20 years ago... what did we do without our phones and the internet? People today would be lost. We take these things for granted. The phone and the internet have made the world smaller.This allows us to connect instantly no matter [...]

Community Engagement – Smart Cities are about People.

Smart City - Community Engagement The Bush Telegraph Have you ever heard of the bush telegraph? It’s an old Australian means of community engagement. There would be a massive pot hole in the road. You would tell your neighbor. That neighbor would tell 2 of their neighbors. And so on until the community knows about [...]