Smarter Technology Solutions


STS helps local leaders make data-driven decisions for their regions.

The smart technology used to build smart cities collects and analyzes data. 

This technology also helps automate tedious tasks which were once done manually.

This is good for many reasons including:

  • This frees up workers to do more meaningful work
  • No chance of human error
  • This makes life easier and better for everyone involved
  • The technology essentially works 24/7 and doesn’t require minimum wage

Smart cities make cities safer, more economical, and liveable.

Ultimately, the transition to a smart city is all about improving life for the residents.

Who We Are


As a full-service provider, we handle your IoT solution end-to-end.

We bring in specialist suppliers, vendors and capabilities whilst allowing you, our customer to deal with one central organisation to deliver upon your Digital Technology needs.

How We Help You

Your business is different from any other and we understand this.

To help create efficiency in your business, we first seek to understand how your unique business works. Then we look to discover what data is valuable to you. We then collect that data with the integration of smart technology.

You’ll get consulting on how to use that data to allow you to make smarter business decisions based on real data.

Why Choose Us?

STS is an agile, specialist provider and we help you in the following ways:

Specialist Skills

Specialist skills in digital services, integration, data analytics and networking.

Industry Experts

We have teams of trade specific experts across all our serviced industries.

Partnering with Leaders

Existing vendor partnerships with niche and worldwide market leading vendors.

Personalized Approach

We value collaboration because we understand that you know your city better than us— and that our expertise is on smart technology and on building a smart city.

Outcomes & Value

We are driven by transforming business outcomes and delivering value and solutions based on your specific goals.

Trusted Advisory

We employ a consultative approach and are a trusted advisory to our customers. We bring experience with a verifiable list of happy customers.

Smart Technology Solutions