Smart City

Internet of Things – What does it mean?


Everything Connected

Think back to only 20 years ago…

what did we do without our phones and the internet?

People today would be lost. We take these things for granted.

The phone and the internet have made the world smaller.This allows us to connect instantly no matter where we are.

The Internet of Things isn’t just about connecting people, but also about connecting our everyday items.

Cities are now making smart buildings, smart bins and even robot mowers that can do your chores while you sip on a nice ice cold beer and watch.

Soon the days of having dad out there mowing the grass in his short shorts and thongs could be gone.

Welcome to the era of the Internet of Things (IoT).

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting features can give you the ability to report on current usage. You can control the lights remotely to turn them on or off.

They can be connected to other systems such as motion sensors. This way, you can make them only turn on when people are in the area.

The lights can even be used in digital art displays to really give your area some personality.

Waste Management

One of the biggest expenses for governments is waste management costs.

Up until now, garbage collection consisted of trucks going out and picking the bins up on a regular schedule. This meant even if a bin was empty the truck would still have to go out wasting time and resources.

There are now sensors which will detect fill level and send that data back to a central database allowing for more intelligent pickup schedules.

Smart Water

Water is one of those fundamentals of life so it is very important we protect it and use it wisely.

The smart water concept allows technology to be used to monitor usage, water quality and water supply issues.

This is done by sensors throughout the system. The information is fed into a data analysis system to assist in making better decisions.

It can also be used to send out emergency or repair services automatically.

We have touched on a few areas where the internet of things can be used to make a life much easier. The topics are only limited to our imagination.

As part of our consultation, we can do an audit of your business and see where IOT could help you. To book a free obligation appointment contact us today!