Smart Cities – What are they?

Smart Cities

Smart cities has been  bandied around a lot in the past 18 months. What does the term really mean though? Is it just another buzz word that we will see disappear in another 18 months?

Basically the idea of a smart city is that normally dumb items around the city become connected to each other. They are able to use everyday objects to feedback data to a central place to make better decisions. Let me give you a few examples on how this can make cities more efficient. The idea can also give governments more bang for their buck. Making the city a safer, more livable and cheaper place to live.

Traffic Congestion

No-body likes to be stuck in traffic due to accidents or heavy traffic at peak hour.  In a smart city the following would happen. Roads would talk to your car and redirect you to a faster route avoiding bottlenecks.. Traffic lights and light poles along the road would have camera’s monitoring the traffic. When an accident happens emergency services are automatically dispatched. Emergency broadcasts are put over the radio to the cars in the area.  Cars will be driver-less and the roads could direct car traffic flow automatically. Cars flowing quicker to get everyone to where they need to be. Considering that all the cars now talk to each other they can avoid accidents. Imagine 0 fatalities on our roads.  Now your getting the idea of a smart city.

Safer Cities

There is technology out there that can use a cities camera system to find people wanted by the police. Automatically dispatching someone to arrest them. Drones carrying life savings heart starters. Sent as soon as they are notified by someones watch.Once the drone arrives giving instructions on what to do.

Domestic violence is a real issue that we are all trying to find answers for. There are projects starting to give people access to technology that will make them safer. Phones able to voice match people. Letting them know if it is someone seeking to harm them. Chest mounted camera’s for police to be able to record incidents. Making it safer to do their job and recording evidence to be used in court. It is an exciting time to be alive seeing technology being used in smart city concepts to make our world safer.

These are just a couple of areas that are being used in the smart city concept. The possibilities are only limited by our imagination. In short a smart city is where technology is used to make our lives better. Turning everyday objects into information gathering machines to solve a community problems.

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