Smart City

Smart Water

Smart water is about looking after the water. Communities need water to survive, therefore the water needs to be available and drinkable. Water is also dangerous. Both, when water is not available and when there is too much water. Smart water can create renewable energy.

Water is fun, dangerous and life. The digital age has not removed our need for water. Technology has now advanced so we can apply smart water.

Drinking Water

A key area of smart water is about helping water management areas supply drinking water. This is done by monitoring the drinking water supply. Any changes to the water is notified to the water management area. The water management area counteracts the change. At the same time makes sure the community continues to have a steady supply of, clean, drinking water. For example, a sewerage system contaminates the drinking water. A notification is sent to the water management area. The water management area handles the sewerage contamination; simultaneously diverting clean drinking water to the community.

Water Disasters

Smart water helps communities to prepare and respond to water related disasters. An example includes diverting water to areas suffering from drought. Smart water is used in times of flood. For example, the State Emergency Services (SES) triggers a manual check of the water levels upstream.To identify possible floods downstream. A trigger is a storm warning. Smart water can automatically notify State Emergency Services (SES) of increasing water levels. Starting earlier flood preparation.

Renewable Energy

Smart Water is another renewable energy source. The Snowy Hydro Scheme is an excellent example. The scheme uses the water to create energy, that lights up parts of NSW. Further details below.

Using water as a renewable energy source can be done with waste water. Waste water is water that has been used; like washing machine water. This water is now used to create energy. There are companies that have implemented renewable water energy sources. Further reading has more information on the success.